YDC Classic Design Shifter


The classic design shifter is an affordable solution from us that provides short and precise shifts.

Compatible with all BMW manual gearboxes as standard, but also suitable for other transmissions with a similar shift mechanism (Honda and other).

  • The stroke is adjustable and can be both ultra-short and longer (similar to the factory shifting);
  • an extension insert is included in the kit. Without the insert, the shifter height is 26cm (about the same as the stock shifter), and with the insert, 32cm - a sportier version;
  • the best Fluro bearing with dust covers;
  • aluminum construction for lightness;
  • brass bushing at the friction point;
  • convenient adjustment of the shifter position for comfortable placement in various interior configurations;
  • due to the plates, the rigidity of the attachment to the chassis is maximized, which has a positive effect on the shifting precision.

The set includes platforms for installation in any car, an extension insert, and installation hardware.

If necessary, it is possible to replace the knob with your own or ours of a different material or color, since it is removable in the shifter of this version (thread M12x1.75).

Installation is simple and does not require a lot of experience or expensive tools.

We paid so much attention to it that we can guarantee a lifetime warranty!

For a complete result, we recommend ordering together with our linkage - YDC Shift Rod.

It will help achieve even clearer shifting. But it is also possible to install the OEM shift rod, if it is in satisfactory condition.

Contact us to clarify additional questions.