YDC Shift Rod for BMW


Our shift rod is the best OEM replacement, it will help you get a little more shift clarity.

Fits all BMW transmissions and all shifters, including stock selector.


  • fits almost* all BMW manual gearboxes;
  • a set of washers of different thicknesses, compatible with almost all shifters and stock selector;
  • the steel construction with spacers is as stiff and reliable as possible;
  • in an aggressive environment, plastic washers will last longer than any other solution;
  • the length is enough for almost any project (340mm between the centers of the outermost holes. And yes, the excess part must be cut off);
  • updated design paired with Tenifer QPQ coating made this product even lighter, without gaps in strength.

*compatible with 22mm shift rod joint. In another case, which happens rarely and usually with diesel gearboxes (it is wider), this part will have to be replaced.

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