YDC Pendulum Design Shifter


In the YDC self-centering pendulum shifter, we have focused on keeping the essence of a great shifter at an affordable price. We managed to achieve this without crossing any of the mandatory YDC criteria.

The pendulum shifter is better than others due to its pendulum mechanism and self-centering spring. Shifts are more linear than in shifters of other designs, speeds are shifted more clearly.

Compatible with all BMW manual gearboxes as standard, but also suitable for other transmissions with a similar shift mechanism (350Z, 370Z, GT/GR86, Honda and some Audi models).

You get:

  • a pendulum mechanism with a self-centering spring (each shift is a special kind of pleasure);
  • three stroke adjustment positions: the working stroke can be both ultra-short and longer (similar to shifting the factory shifter);
  • almost any color to choose from;
  • two size options: 28cm or 32cm (from the shifter plate to the end of the knob);
  • construction on bearings (absence of backlash);
  • at the place of connection of the shifter with the rod, a brass sleeve in which the rod sleeve slides;
  • convenient adjustment of the position of the shifter in the longitudinal and transverse directions for comfortable placement in different cars;
  • a compact base that will allow you to install it while preserving the interior plastic;
  • lifetime warranty like all other YDC products!

Complete with everything necessary for installation: a universal platform for installation in any car, a protective dust cover, screws with washers.

For a complete result, we recommend ordering together with our linkage - YDC Shift Rod.

It will help achieve even clearer shifting. But it is also possible to install the OEM shift rod, if it is in satisfactory condition.

In the shifter of this design, the handle is non-removable.

Installation is simple and does not require a lot of experience or expensive tools.

Contact us to clarify additional questions.