YDC Heel Plate Mini


A mini version of the YDC Heel Plate that attaches to the floor mat and provides a flat and rigid surface for comfortable foot placement.

Positioned for everyday cars: easy installation with full preservation of the factory interior, but the functionality of the full version.

  • Mounts directly to a rubber or textile floor mat without damaging the floor or carpet underneath;
  • made of aluminum alloy, so it is solid  and lightweight at the same time;
  • the design is universal for all mats. Size 14x24cm;
  • no holes that would collect dust or dirt;
  • easy installation;
  • anti-slip surface for better foot grip in the pedal area.

The kit includes one plate and a set of screws and nuts.

The standard color is black, other colors are available on request.

Contact us to clarify additional questions.