YDC Mounting Plate


Positioned as a solution for the convenient and simple installation of the YDC handbrake and shifter in cars equipped with a BMW transmission or a transmission with a similar shift mechanism.

Note that each shifter and handbrake is equipped with its own separate platform for installation. We offer this platform as an additional one, for more convenient installation. It is not mandatory.

  • Compatible with all YDC vertical handbrakes and shifters*;
  • many adjustable holes will ensure a comfortable position of the handbrake;
  • two-sided design. On the left or right side, relative to the shifter, you need to place the handbrake - no difference;
  • the kit includes everything necessary for installation, including spacer plate, hardware;
  • as for the variations, it is primarily related to the shifter: Classic Design or Pendulum Design. Secondly, is it ordinary or long. The long one is mainly recommended for reverse handbrakes, and the regular one with normal (not reverse).

The plate does not provide for maximum plastic preservation or hidden installation of the YDC Compact Design handbrake. But we do not rule out the possibility of this in certain interior configurations with certain modifications to the plate.

*an exception may be specific shifters for certain cars or transmissions. We will specify when placing the order.

Contact us to clarify additional questions.