YDC Heel Plate


One more practical and stylish product from YDC!

YDC Heel Plates are designed to provide a flat and rigid surface for comfortable foot placement and create a motorsport interior look.

  • They are made of aluminum alloy, so they are solid and lightweight at the same time;
  • bends and Dimple Die provide maximum rigidity;
  • the design is universal for all cars. Size 40х28см or 40х36см;
  • many adjustable holes for easy installation in various interior configurations. In cars equipped with a safety cage, it will not be a problem to cut off the excess from the plate and use the adjacent hole for mounting;
  • the mounting screws are on top, so removing (for cleaning, etc.) is quick and easy;
  • anti-slip surface for better foot grip in the pedal area;
  • placement on both the driver's and passenger's side. Whether LHD or RHD cars;
  • universal adjustable mounts will help you install them efficiently and without the hassle of making your own.

The kit includes one plate and everything you need to install it (6 universal mounts, screws).

For a complete result, we recommend ordering together with our YDC Dead Pedal footrest.

Installs without problems on already prepared holes in the YDC Heel Plate. Many adjustments will help to install it in a convenient place at a convenient angle.

Contact us to clarify additional questions.