YDC IS200 Pendulum Design Shifter

In the YDC self-centering pendulum shifter, we have focused on keeping the essence of a great shifter at an affordable price. We managed to achieve this without crossing any of the mandatory YDC criteria.

Our short shifter is better than OEM due to the pendulum mechanism and self-centering spring. Shifts are more linear, gears are shifted more clearly, and most importantly, there is no backlash.

Compatible with all cars equipped with a J160 gearbox (Lexus IS200 and Toyota Altezza, as prominent representatives).

You get:

  • absolutely bolt-on product, in terms of transmission, tunnel, and interior plastic;
  • adjustable lever stroke limiter (1/2, 3/4, 5/6 gears) to protect against gearbox crash*;
  • a pendulum mechanism with a self-centering spring (each shift is a special kind of pleasure);
  • almost any color to choose from;
  • three size options: 28cm, 32cm, or 36cm (from the shifter platform to the end of the handle. The size of the factory is approximately 26cm);
  • construction on bearings (absence of backlash);
  • in the place of connection of the shifter with the transmission, a new plastic bushing;
  • lifetime warranty like all other YDC products!

Complete with everything necessary for installation: limiting plates, necessary screws, spacers for installation.

In the shifter of this design, the handle is non-removable.

Installation is simple and does not require a lot of experience or expensive tools.

*is in test mode. Not necessary for proper shifting. Not to be confused with the rear gear lock!

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