YDC Premium Reverse Colored


YDC Premium is the quintessence of our skills:

  • stylish design;
  • all components in this model are of the highest quality;
  • handle completely milled on CNC machines with subsequent manual polishing to a perfect shine;
  • ergonomic adjustment of the angle of inclination of the handle and longitudinal adjustment of the base relative to the welded platform;
  • a reliable stop of the handle with a large adjustment range will allow you to select the entire backlash of the cylinder;
  • the most compact base with the preservation of all important elements;
  • due to the D16 duralumin alloy handle, it weighs like a feather without any gaps in strength;
  • a fully milled Fluro pivot bearing paired with thrust bearings kept this handbrake free of any backlash;
  • a choice of three height options: 41, 47 or 53 centimeters in a straight or reverse version, horizontal is also available (length about 41 cm).

Comes with mounting pad, reinforced cylinder rod, all necessary mounting hardware like any other YDC handbrake.

Packaging, instructions, a template for installation and other bonuses deserve special attention.

Compatible with Wilwood cylinder or its analogues.

In this model, we will do everything to ensure that you get the best handbrake in the world!