YDC Classic


The high quality in symbiosis with steel construction makes it possible to get a handbrake of excellent quality at an affordable price.

  • Compatible with both Wilwood cylinder and Budget Master Cylinder;
  • steel construction allowed to make it cheaper without gaps in strength;
  • lever and cylinder rod - on bearings, therefore there is a complete absence of backlash;
  • compact base with all important components;
  • ergonomic adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lever and longitudinal adjustment of the base relative to the welded platform;
  • a reliable stop with a large adjustment range, which will allow you to take away the entire backlash of the cylinder;
  • four size options to choose from: 42, 46, 50, or 54cm. The horizontal length is approximately 42 cm;
  • almost any color;
  • performance quality at the highest level, according to all YDC canons;
  • as with all our products, it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Comes complete with mounting plate, reinforced and shortened cylinder rod, all necessary screws and washers like any other YDC handbrake.

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