YDC Compact Design Horizontal


Our new handbrake - YDC Compact Design

Its feature, in the horizontal version, is a continuous adapter and a compact base.

Regarding the compact base, it is obvious: it is more convenient to place it inconspicuously under the plastic in the interior of the car.

As for the continuous insert, it will help make the handbrake lever longer (with it) or shorter (without it).

  • compatibility with Wilwood and Nexia cylinders - which will make installation even more convenient in different configurations;
  • two hinge adjustment positions, for the possibility of choosing the optimal working stroke for the installed cylinder;
  • all-steel construction allowed to make it more accessible without gaps in strength;
  • lever and rod - on bearings (no backlash);
  • the most compact base with the preservation of all important elements;
  • ergonomic adjustment of the angle of inclination of the handle and longitudinal adjustment of the base relative to the welded platform;
  • a reliable stop of the handle with a large adjustment range will allow you to select the entire backlash of the cylinder;
  • new design handle. Removable;
  • performance quality at the highest level, according to all YDC canons;
  • as with all our products, a lifetime warranty applies;
  • the size of the horizontal is adjustable: a continuing insert is included.

Comes with mounting plate, cylinder rod, all necessary mounting hardware like any other YDC handbrake.

Our best solutions in symbiosis with the idea of ​​a compact design created this handbrake.

And yes, now it is also the most affordable YDC handbrake, which is not inferior to others in terms of quality and functionality!